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For God’s Sake, Say So!

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If you’re not religious, for God’s sake, say so!

Having been an active participant in the census campaign I have been reading various blogs and … well, doing my homework.

There’s a massive amount of negativity; some to do with the ‘God’s Sake’ part of the slogan; some because people feel they’re being told which box to tick; some because of the bright colours on the posters (just kidding)!


The message is very simple and while the posters may be conspicuous the message is actually relatively sedentary. The BHA aren’t asking people to burn their bibles or preach in the streets. But simply this –

Be honest when answering question 20

This means if you are religious then say so, if you’re not then the same applies. Here’s a simple test

  • do you attend regular religious meetings at a place of worship
  • do you read the texts of your religion
  • do you pray on a regular basis
  • do you actually believe in god in the way your religion dictates

Many bloggers have attacked the fund raising or political motives behind the campaign and fair enough. They can slug it out. I really don’t know enough detail to get involved in most of these debates, not because I can’t do the research but because there are bigger fish to fry and bigger fights to be had.

If this campaign gets more people to think about their religion and gets an honest representation in the census then I’m all for it – battle away! Let the name calling commence!

I’ll be ticking ‘No Religion’ because I’m not religious. My only request is that you be honest too


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March 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm

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