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Sue Cox Letter To PM

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I posted this letter to my MP (Mark Lancaster) today. Please feel free to look up your MP here and do a similar sort of thing, if you like.

House of Commons

Mark Lancaster,

Ref: Letter: http://secular-europe-campaign.org/2011/09/uk-open-letter-to-david-cameron/

I write to you not in order to express my own opinions, rather to reiterate and to support the feelings of Sue Cox, important and impassioned as they are I wish to show my full backing of the emotional and politically relevant views expressed in her open letter to the prime minister.

Of course I understand you have a need to represent all members of your constituency and I in no way expect you to address my humble opinion should I be the only one vocalising it. I also fully understand that you may have all manner of political influences affecting your ability to act.

However, I urge you to take notice of the letter from Sue Cox as I do not believe that I am the only one that agrees with the sentiments it contains. I believe that there are many people willing to stand up for the rights of women, rights of people of any sexual preference, of people of any ethnic origin and indeed to protect the rights of people to follow any faith or perhaps no faith at all.

I agree with Sue Cox’s driven and passionate words and would not be so bold as to try to improve on them myself here. There are huge swathes of people throughout the British population that are frustrated by the imperialist image and actions of the Catholic church and the Vatican.

However, Sue’s letter is about something wholly different, it is addressing the seeming desire for entire governments to bow down to this institution. An institution accused of so much wrongdoing, so many accusations over the decades, so many of which have been shown to be true. There are plenty of people standing against the Vatican.

It is worth considering at this point, who, when our descendants look back, will they see as the forward thinking individuals that stood up. This church will be judged in time, and most likely very harshly indeed, and though it is not the socially acceptable nor politically advisable thing to do right now, the generations to come may well ask themselves how we could have done anything but speak out against the Catholic church.

As I have said, this is only one issue of presumably hundreds that you have to consider and contend with, I will conclude in short by merely saying that David Cameron’s comments of support for the church were indeed an insult to many freethinking British people and it would be jolly nice of him to consider the feelings of those damaged by the church if he won’t speak out against it himself.

I say this only because you have far more influence than I do in making this point to Mr Cameron and so I will leave the matter in your capable hands.

All the best

Matt Haughton


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October 4, 2011 at 5:55 pm

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